SFH and iRacing


iRacing.com is the most commercial racing simulator out there. It has tight connections to the real racing world, offers it’s members a great service to simply race, race, race in the car of their choosing.

iRacing hosts the most competitive championships for Oval, Formula 1 and GT3 racing offering $10K to the series champions.


iRacing and Simracing for Holland

c7dpiRacing is, to be honest, not all that popular within SFH. Mostly Rudy runs it and Marcel, Dennis and Andras join in for the GoT and GES events. The biggest reasons iRacing is not that popular within the team is it’s trouble iRacing has to get the tire model right, the features it offers in dynamic conditions, it’s cost and simply the loyalty to rFactor2 as it’s biggest competitor. Unfortunately 😉 all the laser scanned tracks do not have enough weight over the handling of the cars to draw members over.

In iRacing the Oval side is miles ahead of it’s competitors and definately the best out there. The ability to switch between a vast number of cars without having to ajust or tune wheel and pedal settings is a pre for iRacing.


Gathering of Tweakers

The Gathering of Tweakers (GoT) is a group evolved into a community of enthousiast benelux simracers that enjoy racing the iRacing racing simulation. Their catchphrase is Serious iRacing with a smile which results in good quality races and not forgetting it’s a hobby, good racing and respect among competitors.

The GoT community runs weekly events on a wide variaty of tracks and cars that iRacing offers and combines this into their Monday tournament championship. Races are either 45 minute single races, or a 20 minute sprint with a 30 feature. The feature race is mostly a reversed grid from the sprint race results which are hectic and a load of fun. The ability level of drivers participating varies from beginners to DWC competitors.

GoT also actively organises racing schools to help develop driving techniques and actively shares knowledge about setups to help grow and speed up it’s members.



Gathering of Tweakers Week 13 events

Every build week the GoT community organises a big event for the entire iRacing community and are very popular among the iRacing members. Events vary from multiclass races featuring Prototypes and GT’s to a full 60 car Mazda Miata grid. These races are mostly 2 to 3 hours in lenght.


Gathering of Tweakers Endurance Series

ges_gotThe GoT Endurance Series (GES) is a combined effor of the GoT community and NEO Endurance Series (NES) to organise 2 linked endurance championships and are done in a very professional way. Races have live race marshalls that will warn or penalize bad on track behaviour. Races are broadcasted and can be viewed live from youtube by family members, friends or any enthousiast.

The GES follows the same scheduled tracks and races and have simular rules. Races are held in the same weekend, GES on Saturdays, NES on Sundays. This makes GES one of the best and professionaly community organised endurance series out there.


Virtual Oval Racing – German NASCAR Championship

banner_gnc33Virtual Oval Racing (VO) is a German community of NASCAR enthousiast that run a massive league of all 3 top tier NASCAR Classes. Class A (Sprint CUP) open setup runs weekly and follows the real NASCAR schedule and the Class B (Xfinity) and Class C (Trucks) are fixed setups and run by weekly following the real counterparts schedule.

The lenght of the races are 50-60 percent of the real NASCAR races which means races are withing the 1h30-2h bracket.

In Europe it’s hard to find good NASCAR leagues that have sizable, competitive and green flag Oval racing. VO has field sizes of 20-40 cars of experienced oval races from Germany, Austria, Hungary, France and several Dutch drivers.


Virtual Oval Racing – UBP333

ubp333Once a year VO holds a road event to allow their wheels to turn right for a change. The UBP333 (Ultimate Body Pain) is a 333 mile race which is with the 2h30 and 3hours in lenght. Each year a different challange is served. Past combinations were Spa in a Daytona Prototype, Bathurst in a GT3 and Daytona Road in a GT3.

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