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A year ago Simracing For Holland had 7 drivers for 3 cars in 2 races, competing simultaneously in the 24H of Le mans and the SimRacingOnline Nurburgring 6H. We won all three races.

This year, 7 drivers only drive 1 car in 1 race: this year’s 24H of Le Mans. Sounds like a better deal, doesn’t it?

But with a lot less time for practice we feel we’re not looking strong for the win. In stead we chose not to defend last year’s GT2 title, only competing in the GT1 class. Wilfred van den Brink qualified the SFH Corvette in 2nd place in GT1, behind this year’s very fast My3ID Aston Martin.

Spotters guide

Here is the complete lineup of this year’s 24H event.


9.00 AM – 4th

With over three quarters of the race done, the Simracing For Holland GT1 Corvette is just outside of the podium, with Wilfred pushing hard in an attempt to catch the 3rd placed car of Independence SimRacer 2. Four hours and some minutes to go and the race is still on!

12.00 – 3rd

3rd place in sight now. Four seconds apart, SFH is pushing to catch Independence Simracer 2 for P3. If you ever want to see Wilfred van den Brink slide, this is the moment to tune in.

Great battle for third! Lots of traffic makes it hard to break the draft. Positions change 3 times each lap. Independence Simracer 2 comes in for a pitstop. Wilfred has enough fuel left for two more laps.

No tyre change for SFH this stop so Rudy van Buren now has an advantate of 11 seconds over Independence Simracer 2’s Sven Hesse.


14.30 – 4th

Drama as a GT2 Spyker collides with both an LMP and our Corvette. Big damage requires an immediate pitstop. We are going to lose P3 again to Independence Simracer 2!

The pitcrew has failed to fill the tank up to make it through the last part of the race. We need another pitstop. Are we going to lose out on the podium because of this accident?

14.50 – 4th

Will Independance Simracer 2 have to do a splash’n’dash? It’s our only chance to get back close enough to challenge for P3!


15.15 – 4th

Finish in P4. Trouble in the last 30 minutes of the 24 Hours race sent us back just too far to make it to the podium this year. We were afraid this would happen, but we were so close to P3, so far into the race, that it’s a real disappointment.

In My3id Racing and 3Wide Motorsport this race Simracing For Holland has worthy successors as winners in GT1 and GT2 in this world class simracing event.



#116 - SFH Corvette C6R - 4th

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