SimRacingOnline hosts a mini championship with historic turbocharged DRM monsters. In the series’ top classs Porsche and BMW go head to head with the powerful but hard to handle 935 Turbo and the fast M1 which seems to eat rubber for breakfast. Simracing For Holland is present in the top class with Jefrey Ruskus’ Porsche while Robin Verdegaal opted for the second class equivalent of the M1, the Toyota Celica Turbo.


Broadcast of the SimracingOnline historic DRM race at Interlagos, 10 july 2012. Jeffrey Ruskus competing in div1, Robin Verdegaal in div2. The race starts around the 25 minute mark.

#2 - Division 1 - SFH Porsche 935 - 2nd
#6 - Division 2 - SFH Toyota Celica - 2nd


The third SimracingOnline historic DRM race at Kyalami, july 24th 2012. Jeffrey Ruskus competing in div1, Robin Verdegaal in div2. Will be held today. No more separated divisions this time, as Porsche and BMW have chosen to withdraw the 935 and M1 cars from the competition. This evens the field, however we don’t know how strong the div1 drivers will be in their first div2 race. Verdegaal reports:

In the testing sessions I didn’t find the right gearing ratio. I Tried four different fdr’s, finally went with the one that was fastest but with a slightly long 2nd and 3rd, and possibly too many revs on the straight. It seemed to work out in practice where I didn’t have too many engine health issues.”


However the Capri’s were faster I was pretty happy with a personal best and fastest Celica, but Anders Nilsson spoiled my party and I couldn’t respond. Fourth.


Fixed the faulty qualifying order in lap 1, and Jeffrey, Ryan, me and Anders drove away from the pack. However I immediately noticed engine health dropping to 98, 97, 95.. Issues.

When Ryan got close to Jeffrey he braked early for T1 and almost caught me out, lifted, and almost missed T1. I snuck to the inside and got my nose in front fir T2, but with Ryan still to the outside had to brake a little earlier to be able to leave room to the outside in the exit. Ryan must not have seen me cause he took hid normal braking point and went for the apex. Contact, Ryan onto the grass, I could barely keep my nose pointing in the right direction, but I got P2.

Anders jumped in the gap to P3 but had three BIG moments after the fast left sweeper and Ryan came back one place.

We then continued for a while, my engine going down into below 90, way too soon. I had to stop using 1st and 2nd in S2. Jeffrey started slipping away and Ryan passed me on the straight and went on to catch Jeffrey who wasn’t about to give away his first place.

At the pitstops – car was a handful! – I had 10 seconds on Anders but started losing time. One off in the penultimate lap almost cost me the podium, but I just made it. It was a long, hot race, but these cars are always fun when you’re racing.

#2 - Division 1 - SFH Porsche 935 - 2nd
#6 - Division 2 - SFH Toyota Celica - 1st

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