GES 3 Hours at Interlagos


The Gathering of Tweakers Endurance Series (GES) is a combined effort of the GoT community and NEO Endurance Series (NES) to organise 2 linked endurance championships in a very professional way. Races have live race marshalls that will warn or penalize bad on track behaviour and review incidents. Races are broadcasted and can be viewed live from youtube by family members, friends or any enthousiast out there.

Events are scheduled in the same weekend, GES on Saturdays, NES on Sundays. This makes GES one of the best and professionaly community organised endurance series out there.

Simracing For Holland who participated last year in the GT3 version for the GES run a Corvette Daytona Prototype. A little unusual for us to choose a prototype and be in de fastest lapping class. Eyes Forward and tape off that mirror!!!

GES Round 5 – 3 Hours at Interlagos

We had a great result at Spa. Although in qualifying it became very obvious that our setup which was still unchanged and untuned from CotA was not longer quick enough as Douna our fastest driver in de lineup was about 2 seconds off pace in qualification.

A nice 2 hour session leading up to the Interlagos race de Wit and Douna took some time to… practice! and work on the setup. The session was productive and we were confident that the changes would pay off during the race.

Practice and qualifying

The field of C7’s was all pretty close together with the exception of the Core Motorsports entry which seemed to have something extra. In qualifying Core Motorsports showed their speed and took pole easily. Behind them was the #151 Simracing For Holland car, yes Douna put in a solid qualifying effort landing us a great spot to start the race from.


At the start Douna was sleeping a little and lost 2 spots on the Heusinkveld and Blackadder entries. A nice battle developed between Douna and Heusinkveld with our car being a little quicker. Eventually the pass happened, but Core was way up the road and winning time most laps.

Traffic was pretty hectic and speeds between the Ruf’s and BMW weren’t really that much different from the C7DP’s. We took it easy through traffic giving and taking where there was a good opportunity.

We started the race with a full tank as we weren’t sure we could make it on 2 stops. Fuel calculations after 12 laps shown us that we would never make it on 2 stops so we opted for 4x a 45 minute stint taking benefit of fresh tires and a lower fuel load. Among the first teams entering pit lane the broadcasters name us loosing a lot of time there, where in fact we won a lot of time on our competitors taking out a big chunk of time on Core Motorsports and gaining enough time not to having to worry that the teams behind us could attack us if we hit traffic in a rough spot.



A little after halfway through the race de Wit took over from Douna and was running a similar pace. A big gap back to 3rd, but also a big gap ahead. After the driver switch of the lead team it became obvious that we wouldn’t be able to close the gap without help. De Wit finished the stint safely and SFH finished in 2nd which was where we were on race pace today.

#151 - SFH Corvette Daytona Prototype – 2nd

GES Round 4 – 4 Hours at Spa

During the Spa shakedown it became obvious our setup was outdated and was due for an update. Unfortunately due to our SFH nature of preparation and illness we never sat down and took the time to take a serious look at it.

Marcel Offermans replaced de Wit for this event who was recovering from illness. Quickly in practice it was obvious we didn’t have any lap speed compared to the other teams, even Douna could not place the car in a decent position on the grid. What caused it was clear, we discussed it and this time our years of experience had to carry us through this event.

Race summary

Exactly that is what kept us going in the right direction during the race. Douna was fast in traffic and the car did what it need to do. We made it up to 2nd place at some point during the race with the strategies being run.

After Dennis handed over the car to Marcel another solid stint would keep us in sight of a podium finish which would be way beyond our expectations. Unfortunately we ran out of time, even with the event being an hour longer than most of the other GES events we were 10 seconds short of P3 finishing right outside of the podium in P4.

An impressive result we were happy with considering the struggles with lap speed.

Thanks for the race, see you next time!

#151 - SFH Corvette Daytona Prototype – 4th

GES Round 3 – 3 Hours at the Glen

Round 3 of the Gathering of Tweakers Endurance Series (GES) was held at the very popular Watkins Glen circuit. A very fast road course with a few tricky corners. A great venue for multiclass action.

Our preperation was simple.
De Wit: “Hmm tomorrow is the day of the GES race, have you got time?”
Douna: “lol, lets see… I have dinner plans, perhaps after dinner I can join.”
Douna: “Which track is the race held at and how long do we need to practice for?”
De Wit: ”Watkins Glen… Practice?? Lets just change gears from the CotA setup and go with that.”
Douna: “Ok, arrive and drive, typical SFH preperation for an endurance event. :thumbsup: .”

The gears ended up not requiring any changes so we started with the exact same setup as we used at CotA. Lack of practice cost us a little bit of lap speed, but we we’re confident that our years of experience running multiclass would help us get through traffic quick and smoothly.
Since Douna was having dinner, de Wit qualified the car in a somewhat dissapointing 6th place. Hanging on to the lead pack early on was the goal for the first stint.


Unfortunately the pacecar was not there, which shouldn’t have been a problem if we did the pacelap manually as the green flag was supposed to be ignored and the GES starting procedure would be followed. Unfortunately some people yolo-ed and decided it was go time.

We lost 2 positions due to this strange start and immediately race control threw out the safety car to sort things. Unfortunately there was no easy way to sort things and we had to live with. The restart same thing happened, some jumped the restart being pretty disrespectfull to their competitors and organization. All this made us drop back to 9th. From there we noticed our 6th gear was a little to short as de Wit hit the rev limiter in double tow’s. Although being quicker over a lap there was no safe place to pass and we ended up losing time, especially when we got into traffic. Once passed the train we started moving forward again.

We hung around P3/P4 for pretty much the entire race after things had settled down. Slowly closing gaps in traffic, not taking unnecessary risks while going through traffic. Just past half way Douna had returned from dinner and it was his job to take the car home and secure us a P3 or maybe even P2 which had gotten in our sights.

Douna drove a terrific stint, had a great pace from the bat and the recent iRacing RUF C-spec champion was rolling away from 4th and closing rapidly on the 2 cars ahead. We did our fuel calculations for the last stint and checked how realistic of a chance we had of catching Core Motorsports in P2 who would likely only be doing only a splash and dash where we needed fuel and tires.


The last pitstop we had trouble. It took us 3 fresh left front tires for us to get going and we had lost valuable 17-18 seconds. That put us out of the window for P2 and caused a big challenge to keep P3. Douna pushed the car a little more driving up to a number on the gap between Heusinkveld and ourselves. When Heusinkveld did their splash and dash Douna passed him right on the exit of pit lane and got P3 back.

P3 was easily held and was the position we finished in. A good result when we look at our preperation effort, a little mixed feelings when we look at the time we shouldn’t have lost.

Next round Spa 4 hours, since we had the least offtrack inc’s at Watkins Glen, lets see if we can have the most off tracks at Spa again.

Thanks for the good race, se you next time!.

#151 - SFH Corvette Daytona Prototype – 3rd

GES Round 2 – Circuit of the America’s

Unfortunately we had to miss out on round 1 at Sebring due to social plans which made all 3 of us be unreliable (or slightly intoxicated) participants. To give reserve teams an opportunity to race we signalled GES that we would not participate in round 1.

In round 2 we were there and what an event that turned out to be. We prepared the SFH way, which doesn’t take not much track time but focuses on tweaking the setup to our liking. As expected Dennis was very much on pace from the word go. Rudy kept running into issues after a couple of laps.

Dennis was to start the race and put in a very decent banker lap. The other 2 laps he collected and inc, so unfortunately was not able to improve on his laptime. Still the banker lap was good enough to start the race from the front row.

Our goal for this event, P1! (duh), but we’d be satisfied with a podium seeing there was stiff competition out there.


The start went smooth, Dennis held on to P2 and quickly noticed he had more pace then the P1 car. However in the last corner of lap 2 he made a small mistake and half spun coming out of the turn setting us back in P10. From there we knew the day just got a lot harder. Having pace over someone is nice, but passing safely and cleanly can be a different story.

We quickly caught up to the cars ahead and Dennis was setting up for the pass. Dennis was a lot stronger on the brakes than the car ahead and put his nose in a couple of times, but had to avoid an incident due to the car ahead turning in to the apex. Unfortunately these kind of situations where the car behind is being held up more then a second a lap and no racing room given contact is inevitable. Lap 7 Dennis did not back out and passed the car in P9 trading paint in the process. The racing stewards weren’t that happy about it a gave us a warning.

We lost 20 seconds to the lead already by that time, Dennis put his head down and went for what was an awesome stint. Making up positions and going through traffic Dennis was the fastest out there and closed the gap down to 10 seconds at the end of his fuel which meant time to hand over the car which was in P4 at the time.


After a few laps of getting into a rhythm and getting the tires up to pressure Rudy slowly started to make up some time on the cars ahead. The strategy we had was to have Rudy run 3 shorter stints with less fuel going into the car so we could take an extra set of tires over those that went for a splash & dash and not lose time on pit road.

Having to get used to being the car to pass instead of driving the slower class Rudy adapted and kept a good pace going. Of course there were some misunderstandings and slightly poor judgement calls when it came to passing the slower classes, but that’s what makes multiclass racing interesting. After the second stint when most teams changed drivers we gained back the time we lost earlier with our driver swap. We found ourselves 40 seconds out of the lead in P4. It was already obvious that the #178 had the best papers to win the race as they got their car to run a full hour. But the #111 and #199 still had to make a splash & dash and continue with older tires.

Rudy pressed on, but lost time on teams that were on a different strategy yet wanted to race hard for position. The goal was to close the gap to about 30 seconds which would allow us to get ahead of both of them, but Rudy only got to about 35 seconds before the splash and dash stops took place.


The last laps were hectic, cars ahead in sight and closing in on them. The #111 and #199 made contact spinning the #199 off track and handing P3 to us. Rudy had more then enough pace to close the gap to P2 but had tough luck with traffic breaking up any opportunity to close the last tenths. In the second to last lap there was a lapped prototype between us and P2. In the long righthander Rudy saw a gap entering and went for it as it was the last opportunity to get to the #111’s tail and fight for P2, but the cars made contact spinning the lapper and costing us more time than we could make up. We ended up finishing in 3rd which makes us happy and hungry for more in the future events!

Thanks everyone for the great race!

#151 - SFH Corvette Daytona Prototype – 3rd

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