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SRML Daytona 12H

SR Multileague Reloaded – Saturday, october 8th

In the fourth and final race in the SR Multileague Reloaded season, SFH entered with two teams: Corvette and Saleen. The SFH Saleen team had a strong season start but due to a disconnect they are now the runnerup in the championship standings. SFH Corvette only first joined in the second event, but since this is a double points event, both teams can still take the championship. As could many other teams. Much was riding on this race.


SFH Saleen S7

Wilfred van den Brink
Dennis Douna

But problems arose for both teams before the race had started. The Saleen team had a driver lineup problem. Due to conflicting agenda’s Robin Verdegaal was to stand in for Wilfred van den Brink who couldn’t race the first part, and stay to relieve Dennis Douna who wasn’t able to race until the finish. However an overlooked rule in the driver enrollment regulations prohibited Robin to take part.


SFH Chevrolet Corvette C6R

Marcel Offermans
Johan Nieuwenhof

But that was nothing compared to the trouble that the Corvette team had. They didn’t even make it to the starting grid when Johan Nieuwenhof’s car would not join the warmup lap. No race for Johan and Marcel Offermans. ..or was it?

A quick regulations check revealed that Marcel Offermans would be eligible to drive for the Saleen team. Problem solved, now all Marcel had to do was get to know the Saleen within the first two-hour stint of Dennis Douna. And he did, and a flawless stint followed, driving the SFH Saleen to a solid 2nd place early in the race.

And that’s where they would be for the remaining 8 hours. The leaders, VRL Endurance Team, were too fast to catch up with. But they weren’t competition for the season championship. The real contenders, Witchwood racing, ran into trouble before the race was halfway. In true endurance spirit they continued with a damaged car, but in the end had to throw in the towel.

This opened up the road to the championship for the SFH Saleen. The only thing they had to do was finish. And they did! SFH Saleen are the proud champions in the SR Multileague Reloaded GT1 class.



#293 - SFH Saleen S7 - 2nd
#293 - SFH Chevrolet Corvette C6r - DNS

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