SRML Istanbul Park 6H

After a false start in the last season team Simracing For Holland is back for Multileague 2011 Reloaded, hosted by This time the team chose to focus on the car and spend less money on the driver lineup.


SFH Saleen S7

Wilfred van den Brink
Dennis Douna



Wilfred van den Brink and Dennis Douna bring the SFH Saleen S7R to the first race at Istanbul Park. From the start, SFH took the lead and continuously built upon that. Due to a different strategy team Torrent Motorsports seemed to be competing for the lead, even though they lacked pace. The long stints on hard tires eventually turned out to be slower than SFH’s shorter medium tire stints, and at the finish we had a two lap lead to show for that.

Livestream Part 1 (qualifying sessions and first part of the race)
Livestream Part 2

Livestream Part 3



SFH Saleen S7R - 1st

Next race at Estoril SFH will carry a 40 kg weight penalty. We’re looking forward to meeting the new competitors.

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